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This is the blog that will expose the lies, assumptions and miss-representations being spread about the Desteni group, Equal money and the Desteni I Process.

Here we will pull apart the lies, and respond to what we actually stand for, what we actually do. In this way people who come into contact with us just now, have a quick guide through our movement, also reducing the chance that they may see a Desteni haters video first, which are full of lies and assumptions that can easily misguide genuine good-hearted people.

You will see a couple of categories on this blog.
“Desteni – What is and what isn’t” specifically handles with the questions and assumptions about Desteni, and specific members. The reasons why Desteni is a group, what we do, what we stand for etc…
“About Equal Money” deals with the misconceptions about the Equal Money System.
“About Desteni I Process” is about the online course to become an effective human being to develop your full potential and creating a basic supportive structure where the group can stand on.
“8 signs of a cult” applies cult warning signs to the current system within this world



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